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 Carnival of Madness Tour Discussion

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PostSubject: Carnival of Madness Tour Discussion   Carnival of Madness Tour Discussion EmptyThu Aug 15, 2013 3:29 pm

I decided to open a thread for CoM discussion.

I went to the Philly show last night and it was awesome!! The new stage show is great! Very Happy And the VIP was nice. Not too many people, so I got to chat with them for a bit, rather than be rushed through. Felt like the good old times (as in just 3 years ago, lol).

The setlist was a bit short I thought. Especially considering how many songs Sevendust did just before ITM, but they played good songs (same ones as the StoneSour tour).

I hope everyone going to CoM has a good time too! Very Happy
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Carnival of Madness Tour Discussion Empty
PostSubject: Re: Carnival of Madness Tour Discussion   Carnival of Madness Tour Discussion EmptySat Aug 17, 2013 6:17 am

I went to the Canandaigua, NY show. It was an amazing time. I had already had a ticket and purchased the In This Moment VIP, when I found out this week that I had won tickets via a radio station that entitled me to also do a meet and greet with all the bands on tour. First it was We As Human, then Skillet, then In This Moment. The like my Music, Love, & Sex In This Moment T-shirt (The Essentials Tee on their online store). Told them I am a wonderlander, Maria told me Wonderlanders get hugs. After In This Moment was Papa Roach. It was the first show for them on the tour. Then it was waiting for Shinedown. Well before that was to happen it was time for the Meet and Greet that I purchase with In This Moment, so their security guy got me we went over to their area. Talk a little bit with them, got the poster signed by them, then pictures, then rush back to the tent I was at to get there in time to meet Shinedown. After meeting with all the bands, getting the picture we got signed, and pictures with them all it was time to wait for the show to start. Papa Roach and In This Moment had signing times. I got my face painted with the blood cross and crown, which I start to get done before In This Moment played, had the girl stop at just the cross when I heard In This Moment start and ran to see them. I came back later to get the crown which was right at the same time they came to do their signing. Maria had on her Hell Pop Hat/helmet/head gear on for that. No I didn't go through the line for a signed picture that time as I already did 2 meet and greets with them, lol. I did get the picture that gets you to meet with Maria after the show to get signed. Did that and Maria like the face paint I got done. It was an amazing time. The In This Moment set felt a little short, but that is probably because I could always see more of their songs played, lol. Look forward to seeing them headline the Hell Pop Tour. I am going to the Niagara Falls show in November. I will be posting pics soon, possibly on Sunday when I have some time.
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Carnival of Madness Tour Discussion
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