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 Did anybody hear ITM's coverage of "closer"?

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PostSubject: Did anybody hear ITM's coverage of "closer"?   Sat Jan 24, 2015 10:17 pm

Don't beleive it! It's some U tubers trash! I heard them do "closer" a few weeks earlier than this U tube production. This U tube doesn't sound like Maria's coverage AT ALL! I noticed this U Tube war to make singers sound terrible for years on performances I'd seen and heard myself and the U tubers take it and distone on purpose to make singers sound stupid. It's never the original sound to the video. Same for the band, that's NOT how they played or sounded. This u tube vid is falsified rubbish! I don't know why on earth ITM even cover "closer" it's passé and ITM has two recent albums of better music. I'm still a nine inch nails fan, but ITM doesn't need to do other bands or singers music because they have all the reinforced boogie they could possibly need in their own music. Even the most critical crowds love them once they come and hear for themselves ITM's essential concert.
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Did anybody hear ITM's coverage of "closer"?
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